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Dignity Health Professional Network

 We understand that our people are our most valuable asset and we recognise the importance of them having a voice right to the highest level in the organisation.

Are you looking for more fulfilment from work?

Are you keen to have more autonomy with how you manage your time with patients and their loved ones?

Do you frequently feel like you don’t have enough time to truly ‘be with’ your patients and their loved ones when they need you most?

Would you like to be part of a workplace where you feel you are more than just a number in a big system?

Are you ready to stretch your wings, learn new skills and try something a little bit different?

Dignity Health Professionals Network is one of our most ambitious initiatives which aims to bring together a network of experienced and qualified health professionals who have specialised in caring at the end of life.

If you don’t yet have any specialty training or experience in end-of-life care, but feel there is something deep inside you that is calling you to work in this space, Dignity Network may be a good place to start your journey into this specialty.

At Dignity Network, we understand that the people working at the front line of providing care are the gold in the healthcare system.

Like our Volunteers, all of our Health Professionals are Supporting Members of the company and will have an elected representative on the Dignity Network Board, which means you have a voice at the decision-making table and have a say in how the organisation operates.

We believe this creates a different workplace culture to other more traditional healthcare workplaces; one where Dignity Network members (our employees) have the power to create a workplace:

  • where you want to work
  • where you feel that your expertise is truly valued
  • where you are fully supported to truly focus on what’s most important to you – the quality of care that you are providing.

For more detailed information about our company structure, please see our Governance section.

Interested in Joining Us?

  • You don’t need to leave your current job or get permission from your current employer to join Dignity Network
    Joining us is like joining any other membership based organisation. After you join Dignity Network, you will be eligible to take up opportunities to work with us covered by our insurances (public liability, professional indemnity, work health safety, etc), based on your availability and service demand.  In most cases, only then would you need to consider how joining us might position you in relation to your current employment circumstances. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer our health professionals secure employment.
  • You don’t have to subscribe to any specific view on dying and what happens at end-of-life to join us or work with us
    We respect every person’s right to hold their own individual views on this, and insist only that our members commit to respecting this principle in all aspects of their work with Dignity Network.
  • We value an inclusive culture; you can be any age, gender, race or identify with any sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural group or religious beliefs
    We don’t discriminate and we genuinely value diversity.
  • We genuinely care about our people as individuals and commit to doing all we can to ensure our members thrive. This way we can keep providing outstanding services to those who are preparing for or nearing the end of their life, and for their loved ones.
  • We aim to support our employees with above award remuneration and generous professional development opportunities.
  • As our network grows over time, we aim to have more and more health professionals actively involved in providing care wherever communities want our services.

Still have questions about joining us? Call us or email us today to get in touch with someone from our management team Contact Us.

If you are interested in joining us and wish to become a Supporting Member of Dignity Network, please express your interest by completing the form below.

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