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Remember that death is much more a social event with a medical component, than a medical event with a social component.

– Allan Kellehear.

Our Approach

What could be more normal than having a conversation over a cup of coffee or tea whilst making plans for the future?

At Dignity Network, we understand that dying is a normal part of life, not a medical diagnosis.  That’s why we operate from comfortable spaces such as coffee shops, not hospitals or medical practices.

We don’t subscribe to any specific view on dying and what happens at end-of-life.  We respect every person’s right to hold their own individual beliefs on this and ask only that our members commit to respecting this. Whilst we understand that for many people dying is a deeply spiritual experience, Dignity Network is not afilliated with any religion. People of any faith or no faith may use our services or become a member.

Whilst our approach is heavily directed by our client’s wishes, we prefer not to compete with or duplicate existing services.  Wherever possible we look to work respectfully in partnership with other organisations such as public health system Palliative Care Services, GPs, Aboriginal Medical Services and other Not-For-Profit Organisations.

Our services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.  Those who can pay do; but we understand that many people don’t have the resources to fund the care they need at the end of their life.  If you are one of these people, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to provide assistance through the generous donations of our supporters.

Interested in meeting with one of our trained professionals at a local coffee shop or the privacy of your own home? Like to discuss over the phone how Dignity Network can help with the end of your life, or the life of someone you love?

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Our Governance Structure

Dignity Network is a Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity.

We have specifically designed our governance structure in a way that enables our people to have a real say in the company business.

We understand that most nurses and other health professionals do not want to run their own businesses, but they do want to have a voice in the organisations where they work.  Primarily they simply want to be fully supported to focus on providing excellent care and support to their patients and their loved ones.

In response to this situation, we have designed our governance structure such that all of our employees and volunteers are Supporting Members of the company.  This enables them to have a voice in how the company operates.  Supporting Members form our Dignity Health Professional Network and the Dignity Volunteers Network. These two networks will each elect a Director to the Board, giving our people a real say in the company business.

We have done this because we understand that our people are the gold in the system of providing care and support to people who are nearing the end of their life.

Members do not pay any annual membership fees. The financial liability of members is limited to $10 should the company ever need to be wound up.

Interested in becoming a member by joining Dignity Health Professionals Network or Dignity Volunteers Network?

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Our Founding Members and Directors

Kath Skinner
Kath SkinnerFounder & Managing Director
Kath is an experienced registered nurse and health service manager and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD). Almost all of Kath’s career has been in roles providing services for people with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones.


Sam Attie
Sam AttieFounding Member
Sam has a PhD in Clinical Pharmacy. He has worked with a number of Not-For-Profit organisations in operational logistics, volunteer management and health services project roles for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, Cancer Council NSW and Silver Chain Group.


Andrew Boyd
Andrew BoydFounding Member
Andrew is a Human Resources Generalist with broad experience across a number of sectors in both the east and west coasts. Andrew has worked in organisations with small and large workforces, in both commercial and Not-For-Profit environments.


Marie Clarke
Marie ClarkeFounding Member & Director
Marie has qualifications in nursing, midwifery, education, management and business.

She retired from full time work in 2013 after a 43 year career in the nursing profession.

Marie has served on a broad range of boards and remains actively involved in her community through volunteer and casual work.


MICHAEL HALLSFounding Member, Director, Company Secretary & Public Officer
Michael has a broad professional development background and currently works as the Business Manager for Orange Aboriginal Medical Service, a Not for Profit Aboriginal Community Controlled Medical Service in Central West NSW.


Rosheen Mason
Rosheen MasonFounding Member & Director
Rosheen’s experience spans a breadth of categories including, technology, telecommunications, financial services and state government in Australia and Europe. Her expertise lies in her deep understanding of consumer & market insights to drive business strategy.


Robert Walsh
Robert WalshFounding Member & Director
Rob is the Director of Tintenbar Medical
Centre in Northern NSW. His current positions include Senior Medical Educator for GP Synergy, Senior Lecturer for the University of Queensland, and National Examiner for the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.


Dignity Health Professional Network

Dignity Volunteer Network

Policies, Position Statements and Links

Dignity Network position statements have been ratified by the Board.  They provided guidance to our members in their practice and day-to-day work with us.

We will update this site as we develop new Position Statements so that there is full transparency about Dignity Network’s organisational stance on important issues.