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Why is it that we don’t like to talk about the last part of our life or make plans for it as we do for almost every other aspect.

We support conversations about the last part of life and talking about the plans we can put in place, just like we do for every other aspect of our life.

Regardless of how much notice we get, we all know that as sure as we were born, our lives will inevitably one day come to an end.  At Dignity Network, we understand that dying is as much a part of life as is being born or talking over a cuppa.

And it’s probably fair to say that no matter what stage of life we are at now, we all want choice and dignity at the end of our life.  That’s where Dignity Network can help.

We are developing a suite of services for people planning for or nearing the end of their life, or the life of someone they love.

We provide services directly to individuals as well as to organisations who don’t have expertise in this area.

As we are a new organisation, we are in the process of developing our services and will update this website with more information as our services are made available.  For now, here’s an overview of what we are working on which we hope will spark your interest to come back and visit our website again very soon.

About Us


We are developing a number of ways to help you celebrate your life and document your life story.

  • Biography Service
  • Capturing memories photography
  • Help to plan and hold a ‘Farewell’ Party before you die
  • Being Present Volunteers to ensure people don’t die alone


We understand that you know best what services you need; we don’t tell you what we think you need, but rather we work with you to understand your needs and support your choices.

  • Advance Care Planning
  • Bespoke services

Clinical Care

We are building a network of expert clinicians to provide specialist end-of-life clinical care in your home, when and however you want it.

  • Nurse Practitioner led care
  • Specialist Nursing and Allied Health Professionals
  • Overnight nurse in your home


We are developing services to provide the support you need as you prepare for the end of your life.

  • Help to tell someone you love that your life is coming towards the end
  • Pet Adoption program to put your mind at ease

We aim to do all of this by connecting networks of health professionals and volunteers; so that’s what we are focusing on in the first instance – building our networks of people.

If you are in need of services right now, please connect with us below and we will do our best to provide assistance.

Contact Us

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